Washington Metal Band, based out of Puyallup & Auburn

Seeking Lead Vox

We are currently seeking The Vocalist, The Performer. Is that you? Do know this person?

After the amicable departure of our main front-dude, we’re now seeking our fourth.

We are presently guitar, bass and drums. The three of us have been playing and gigging together for … well, forever. All have professional gear for both live and the studio.

End Status has a dozen songs in the can that we’ve already performed live. The prior vocal style, melodies or lyrics are not something we’re trying to emulate or replicate. If that’s your style and preference, that’s great, but we’re not married to it. We need to find the right person and everything else can be shaped around that. You bring you, we’ll bring ourselves.

If you think you might fit with what we’re doing, his us up.

Our first album is all major streaming services.  Below this section you’ll find links to download several tracks without vocals so you can listen and prepare vocals to audition.

Don’t feel the need to emulate our prior vocalist, the vocal melody, style and even lyrics are subject to change to fit whomever fills the role.

You can listen to some existing material at https://www.soundcloud.com/endstatusband

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Zip archive of lyrics for Mortality, November, Theta and Woodish